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Why did the Control Panel change?
Started by lulu


Why did the Control Panel change?

He was better before 😔...


The previous Control Panel was really slow which was delivering a poor user experience.

That's why we now have a new one which loads fast, but remains a dark mode, fully responsive and the same features!

The previous control panel is still accessible at https://control.spookhost.xyz/, although for how long depends on @SpookyKipper's willingness to keep it up, so I wouldn't depend on it. For the moment, I'm glad it still exists, and it is accessible as an option for those who knew about it (and may prefer it).

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The 'previous' control panel is currently undergoing a revamp which plans to deliver a fast and smooth experience.

Currently, the authentication has been strengthened because in the future it will not connect to iFastNet on every request so own authentication is needed.

If you wish to try it, clear the cookie named "c" on control.spookhost.xyz, and login via the page. You should now see the "c" and "c_token" cookies being set.

If any of those cookies are missing you will not be able to access the panel.

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I tested... It can be seen that it is not finished, there are "An Error Occurred with Status Code 500." for every function😅!!!

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Yes it's not, and I don't know how long would it take (since this is a big change)

The development is paused currently. We will now be focusing on improving the current Control Panel.

This decision is made to provide users with a stable and reliable Control Panel.

Elements on the current Control Panel may be rewritten, and being based on some open source projects, where a credit page will be made.