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ListCraft is now released!
Started by SpookyKipper

We are happy to announce that the new, revamped ListCraft is now available for everyone!

Advertise your Minecraft Server on ListCraft for free, without the worry of paying servers preventing you to climb up the leaderboard, since paid services do not exist on ListCraft!


🆕 Changes include:

  1. Authentication with the Spooky Services Hub for enhanced security.
  2. Free Status Banners for each server.
  3. No more paid subscriptions. Every server is equal!
  4. Website Theme Selection


📝 Important Notes

As part of the release, new Server Listing Guidelines were enforced.

Both existing and new servers shall update their servers to comply with these guidelines if needed.


To contact us for enquiries or report servers that are violating the guidelines, you may find the respective forms here.

ListCraft - https://listcraft.top/

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ok 🙂

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