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Spookhost Release 2023.7.20 - Changelog
Started by SpookyKipper

Spookhost Release 2023.7.20 is now available! Major changes are listed below

Introduction Video -> https://youtu.be/NvkT7SlpuYY


Client Portal

- [New, Feature] Automatic SSL Validation and Deployment


- [New, Feature] Launch the File Manager based on your chosen theme 

- [New, Design]  Hosting Account Details Page:  Added Website Server IP

- [New, Design] A new Dashboard Page


- [New, Security] Deauthorize all Active Sessions of your Account*

- [New, Security] Hosting Accounts Passwords are now stored encryptedly

- [New, Security] Two Factor Authentication**

- [Optimization] Pagination on the List SSL Page

- [Patch, Feature] Fixed Hosting Accounts Deactivation



*: Must be linked to a Spookhost Services Account

**: Via the Spooky Services Account


Control Panel

- [New, Design] New Frontend, including Dark Mode

- [New, Design] Email Forwarding & Sending Options

- [New, Design] Totally new icons 

- [New, Feature] Launch the File Manager based on your chosen theme

- [Patch, System] Fixed Control Panel home Infinity Loading issue



File Manager

- [New, Feature] A confirmation will be displayed when leaving.


- [New, Design] Improved Branding

- [New, Design] Dark mode added




- [New, System] The Forum will be switched to the Spooky Services Forum

- [Migration] The Knowledge Base has been migrated to https://support.spookhost.xyz


The Spookhost Mastdon

- Spookhost's Mastodon Profile is now live on https://infosec.exchange/@Spookhost. Make sure to drop a follow 😉


The new Authentication Flow [IMPORTANT]

> The current authentication system on the Client Portal has been deprecated.

> We will be syncing accounts from https://hub.spooky.hk/.

> Please register there to continue using Spookhost's Services.

Using the same Email Address you are currently using on Spookhost will retain ALL of your Spookhost data


If have found any issues, please open a ticket via the Spookhost Client Portal