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Cron Jobs are no longer available
Started by SpookyKipper

It appears that the Cron Jobs feature on Spookhost has been disabled. on 9th August 2023.


What happened?

The Cron Jobs feature on Spookhost has been disabled by iFastNet.

The creation of new cron jobs is no longer available.

Existing Cron Jobs will no longer function.



It has appeared that many Cron Jobs created are for invalid or inactive URLs. This results in servers being overloaded by cron jobs, but only a few of them are actually useful. This affects other websites that are hosted on the same server. Due to this, to ensure maximum performance on most websites, the decision to remove the Cron Jobs feature was made.


How to resolve this?

There are no ways to resolve it on Free Hosting, if you would like to use the Cron Job functionality, please consider upgrading to Premium Hosting.


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