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Whats New? - Spookhost Release 2023.9.02
SpookyKipper • Sep 2nd, 2023 • 2 minute read

Spookhost Release 2023.9.02

Updates were done in the past month, we are excited to announce the new release!

Client Portal v3.1

Hosting Accounts are now Spaces!

   - To prevent the confusion between a normal account.

[New, Feature] SSL Certificate Algorithm option (EC 256, EC 384, RSA 2048)

[New, Feature] SSL Certificate Authority option (Let's Encrypt and Google Trust Services are added)

  - ACME CAs' CNAME Validation record will not be changed, making renewals faster and easier.

  - There are no plans to remove GoGetSSL, as it has its advantages over the others.

[Improvement] If CertAuto is enabled on LE or GTS, the certificate can be issued instantly on request if the CNAME is already prepared (e.g. a certificate renewal)

[Improvement] On SSL Certificate request, the system will now redirect you directly to the SSL Management page instead of the SSL List page.

[Improvement] On Support Ticket creation, the system will now redirect you directly to the ticket Management page instead of the ticket List page.

[Improvement] On Support Ticket creation, the option to select a related Space is added.

[Improvement] Added Support Ticket States: `Normal` and `Forwarded`.

  - Normal: A Normal Ticket, the default state.

  - Forwarded: The ticket has been forwarded to the spaces management team.

[Patch] Fixed Hosting Accounts deactivation (again)

Control Panel v2.0.1

[Improvement] Site Builder option added.

File Manager

[Experiment] The BETA File Manager powered by Filestash is now available via the Client Portal.

  - There are no plans to remove the current File Manager powered by Monsta FTP, as it has its advantages over Filestash.


[Improvement] phpMyAdmin is now on the domain `phpmyadmin.spookhost.space`, and SSL is deployed.

Website Builder

[Improvement] Now the Website Builder will not automatically log out on reload.

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